Walks: Genius

Barcelona is a city spoiled of talent, from Picasso to Gaudí, from Miró to all the modernists and contemporary artists. Its all about the beauty in the arts, the esthetics in arquitecture. Barcelona is light, inspiration, energy that along the times has aroused the Genius to create. Choose yours or go for all!


- Fun, knowledgeable official local guide, expert in the neighbourhood.

- Private Party of unlimited number of adults and children.

- The price is 85€ for 2h and 130€ for 3h walk. This is per group not per person.

- Priority access avoiding queues into any venue.

- Languages: Catala, Castellano, English, Français i Portugues.

- Local gastronomical/ art/ retail recommendations.

picasso tour barcelona
PICASSO: Cubism Bohemia Passion I 2h

In Barcelona is where everything started, is where Picasso realized how far he could reach to end up being the most influential artist in the XXth Century. We’ll walk through his life in the city, the cafés, school and art Gallery to end up in the Museum to discover all his work.

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gaudi tour barcelona
GAUDI: Nature Geometry Spirituality I 2h

Incomparable to any other, Antoni Gaudi has left the city with an incredible legacy of his organic arquitecture. We will walk to visit his buildings to admire the technical perfection and the aesthetic and symbolism of his work. From Casa Batlló to Casa Milà and Sagrada Familia.

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miro walk barcelona
MIRO: Primitive Original Eclectic I 2h

Our local most international artist, raw in his paintings and sculptures, famous for his Constellations. Joan Miró , with a very prolific career, made sure most of his work stayed in Barcelona, in La Fundació, that we visit, together with the terrace and the park.

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dali tour barcelona
DALI: Narcissism Surreal Loco I 2h

Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, where the Tramuntana blows, and where his Theatre Museum is located. We’ll have a walk in the town to learn about his life and we’ll continue to the most fascinating museum ever, which will end up being a mind blowing experience!

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