Tapas Walks

Eat, drink and walk! Experience the fun, the food and the drinks of Barcelona. We are people who love life in the streets, in the plazas, in the cafes. Together with a local expert, discover how and where the locals eat.


- Fun, knowledgeable official local guide, expert in the neighbourhood.

- Private Party of unlimited number of adults and children.

- The price is 30€ per person.

- Priority access avoiding queues into any venue.

- Languages: Catala, Castellano, English, Français i Portugues.

- Local gastronomical/ art/ retail recommendations.

tapas barcelona
TAPAS WALK: Eat, drink and walk I 2h

Eat, drink and walk. This is about tasting 4 different tapas in 3 different barrios, including one drink and one sweet desert at the end.

Your chance to learn about local food in local bars.

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